Improving my english… A poor man with no money

You don´t have money for a international trip? And your parents don´t have money too? Congratulations, do you live my world. But isn´t excuse to learn english. I study english with books, internet and others tools. And my english is bad. Can you see? (lol)

Exist excelent pages in internet made for you and me… a simple man with no money for pay a english course or visit some english country. Well, if you study and practice it´s possible develop your english.

But improve your english with no money it´s possible? No trips, no course, no international experience? It´s possible? A poor guy like you and me?

Yes buddy! It´s possible.

Times like these, Internet times…ooohhh yeaaaahhh!! It´s easy to somebody to learn english.  See this pages. Best english sites: (the best, in my opinion)


Well, is it.

Thanks for your visit. I´m practicing my english, and now I´m hungry and I´ll lunch.



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